Pierre David Guetta es un pinche “Chalinillo”, according to³

Une entreprise française plaidera coupable et paiera plus de 700 millions de dollars pour avoir soudoyé l’Etat islamique alors qu’un groupe terroriste a tué des occidentaux

But FO’ist… Keep on MARCHING on the 13€M€ Arrondissement, Lisa Lisa and The Cult JAM goes BLANK, with their number one hit, “Eye wonders if Eye’ll take you home…


Home is where the Parking Lot is,
It used to front as an Octopusses Garden, But the pulpo is now just a tag on a mole skin…
and the Sik Basterd’s at MGMT had the Gall, France,
—the Gall to call it the Bpi.

Rungis is CODA for… anyone? Phat Basterd’, Rungis is CODA for?



The year is 2011 2012, the PLAZA is the Trocadéro…

Shall Öüï Stop?

Note to Cousin Joe: there’s your line through Dec of 2011…


So, help me Jesus… I’ll have a banana daiquiri with that coconut general.

Öüï interrupts the ISRAELI version of a recently deceased genocidal CIA asset in the squeleton of Mexican president, Gustavo Díaz Ordaz’, Secretary of the Interior (Gobernación) Luis Echeverría Álvarez, to bring you the latest Intel from The Gibbs and Frampton Balds Alive.

Billy Sheers reports, but first, watch how Dr. Jon Meacham calls out the U.S. and its leaders on the Republican side for not having a “moral compass… and then Cousin Joe reacts by bringing in, Bibi Netanyahou, who wants to give the Dutch nuclear weapons. Trou story.

Benjamin Netanyahou is the… Evangelical Front’s lap dog.

Katty Kay, Ben is a fucking genocidal killer, Eye is not sorry, go ahead, ASK MIKA, and COUSIN JOE, leave that lettuce 🥬 alone.

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