PRIvious-Lys ⚜️ on, “Pinches mexicanos feos”, Tomás.

“To the moon!”, BETHANIA, 2’Dha_Mooooohn. 

Deer, Willie Ab-Bot: pertaining to your closing remarks on mister Ayer’s sketch on the Morning Mika Show, please be advised that you sound like Captain Louie Renault when you state the fact that a package with “more pictures than text”, your words not mine, —is a Dangling Participle. You are obviously describing a CUTLINE on a SnapShot, you son of a bitch!

A CIA. in Parts and Producciones Che-Pillín en colaboración con Vita Uva at The Watch Tower de Torreón/Gómez y LER°DO… presentán:

Any Güey, Mary Poppins, youse knot gonna believe what this faggety French³ calls the stretchers on your UmBrelLA…🐋

Cheech Marinos de Tijuana

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?…She had become like THEY are.

³~. Poquelin.

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