Let Mí, guess… it’s time for Justice to put out her 🎪

And Justice for Enrique Peña Nieto y El PARTIDO del profesor Alain Rouquine en Radio Fréquence Paris Plurielle.

I’m confessing that you are out of Order! Samalayuca is a figment of the imagination of a deranged DUNE in Villa Ahumada, Natty Le Pío. Out Of Order!!! 🙀 And, Phat Basterd, can you imagine if someone visited Paris, then returned to their gentrified apartment in la Condesa de Roma en la Kasa Azul de Frida, and whip out a machina called Yaris? Toyota would have a field day on in THE CARPA 🎪 del HdV.

Full disclosure for the good people of Emmaüs and Aurora:

On the day of my hearing the hall was empty, the family in front of me, elderly with a toddler (???) never mind the skin color, were on their way out. They seemed happy and their lawyer was stoically thrilled about the outcome of her billable hours, probably felt swell as well. And that’s a good thing. Mine (es decir, la “tacuche” did not bother to show up, but still was professional enough to charge 1200 € for forwarding to the court, a summary of a certain Conflict of Interest between le Cinéma Luminor HdV and the political Legacy of Luis Echeverría speech on “corruption” at the unesco. The lawyer turned my summary verbatim. Here’s a visual¹

https ://es .wiktionary .org /wiki /tacuche

From the archives, as Scott Onstott says, “Eye follows the coincidences wherever these may lead”. And if you listened to all off the legal impediments that Juanito Guanavacoa’s incarcerated soldier in Mexico is going through, then perhaps you may begin to assimilate that if this tent is KNOT being pitched for a blood drive, or one of them ‘éphémère’ panaderias, then FO’sure, that 🪵 WOULD 🪵 there is for Libra ⚖️ to go ahead and “fait son Show”. It’s a personal opinion and I challenge the good people in France to ask me about it instead of black listing me at your homeless shelters, —por decir… after all, Stephanie Menou’s³ chain of command at the Prefécture started this predicament for both Armando Segovia and Armando Serrano-Prieto. Issy, Chata, I Am Blacker than Nino Ferrer will ever wish to be.

For the record, and context:

³.~ Prologue: I wonder if Stephanie remains a volunteer at Cinèma Mexique en France, or if she secured a foreign post in Cuernavaca.


¹~. Summary: there’s a nut and bolt missing here. Next thing you know years pass by and no corrective action is taken, and one day Le 🖋️ collides with the 🪶.

And in Paris…

The kicker is that the person in charge gets promoted to CORCHOLATA in the government of any given shithole country. Long story short, the sons and daughters of all involved come to Paris to sow their oaths at the Sorbonne. ad infinitum.


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