Objective ‘Leo donjon Dicaprio” 💔 Madelon

⁹Artillerie Spéciale (1917/18)

Spearhead régiment; B Company (Black Sheep)
“Les Rouges Terres” Sud de St. Maur.
32 ❤️ AS I.

Objective “donjon”

(2022/18/09) Pata de Perro Scout; Δ 🖤
Ville de Vincennes, Mazarino’s HHQ.

But first, HHQ is our cue to relay Paul Harvey’s “Rest of The Story”. We begin at objective Botzaris, where Juanito Guanavacoa’s old cabin commander, Osler Amaro, from La Freggata de El Cuzco, issued a communiqué in support of the War Crimes currently above ground, some, they say… still with their hands “zip tied” above their ass crack.

— Troops! Identified.
Put a tracer round on that Good~Year on the driver-side front wheel.


If our intercept translates at a 99.9% of accuracy la llamada “Emisión Americas” de Fréquence Paris Plurielle puts forth the proposition that the Izyum forest mass grave is a prop from the war lobby and military weapons industrial complex.

AR 670 “DASH” One
8th ID

In European Patrimony contingencies, in case you are wondering, and if you know what a DD –214 is, then you’ll understand why “I’m a lover, not a fighter,”:  These are my credentials 

Worn on around the Left shoulder 💔 32 AS I

Pleased to meet you, hope that you know what D.A.T. there French Shoulder Cord dignifies, eh?


In other words, RFPP 106.3 (it seems) is taking the Russian side now that the temperatures in France began to drop… If I, Armando Segovia, transliterates the above correctly, this means that the natural gaz shortages are probably a ploy from The Huachicol Union en Cholula, Puebla… at Buttes-Chaumont, of course.

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