Ladies in Gemini ♊ SoFy Velasco and the Cunt DOWN on Artemis

Sponsored by Cristoanne Amapola and la Expansión de CNN on the Moon…

Must Show Work, not just a fucking CV

… about that “alligator”, Eye raised Lazarus before Lazarus even knew that he was down.


In any case, either pull your pants up or drag that Chemise Lacoste down your spine… if you even have one.

Pull Your Pants Up, a study on INSEAMs at the IHEAL… In this COURSE, the student will learn to incorporate Bell Bottom Blues with the Elephant Legs of Marilyn Manson, T-Rex 🦖 is a pré-requis to even listen like a Fly-on-The Wall if youse gonna shop on the Dark Side Of The Moon.


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