Judge Pirro’s muffin🧁joins Morning Joe

Previously on The Inland Empire 🇬🇹, CaNaDa 🇨🇦got in on the action and like the Spaniards 🇪🇦from a long ⛵ long ⛵ time ⛵ ago, the CaNuCs got a return profit on their investment with the First Three containers carrying the loot from La Sierrita 🇲🇽 to their excellion vaults.

🎶 Como a las once s’embarca Pundita, se va’Enbarcar en un buque de Vapor… Los Cadetes de Linares, with special guest, Carlos y José.

But First!!!

The Peoples Republic of The New York Times

It’s right there in front of your EYES, you dumb country-fried hijo de Martín Lutero 🇩🇪, Katie Benner is a deep undercover Deli dealer working for the Communist 🇨🇳 Party!!!! I mean if I had gone to Venezuela following that snapshot that I took of Luis Posada Carriles, I could have saved a Circumnavigation Voyage in Nice, France, take a closer look, the resemblance between Malinches is uncanny, sorry Pomona, but Öüï’s talking about “having zero idea” on what to do next:

And, Katie Benner… is it Trou 🕳️ that “The Monk Bought Lunch? »

https ://en .wikipediawikipedia .org /wiki /Katie_Benner

While there, she wrote freelance for the Beijing Review,[1] a publication controlled by the Chinese Communist Party,[3] about everything from monks to music.[4]


Señor Felipe El Sentado, I would ask you to Tell Me a Tale about cowboys, but even The Legend of Zorro is based on MURRIETA’S COUNTY, en Sonora, México, not from Chile 🇨🇱 like that puto Neruda 🧐 claimed, that Joaquín Murrieta hailed from.

Nailed it!

Come sail a guey… On The Hindenburg because Zeppelin goes here 🔥🔥🔥


What’s new pussycat? Whoa, whoa, whoa
What’s new pussycat? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Pussycat, pussycat
I’ve got flowers and lots of hours to spend with you


Make Love knot Gwar… and give Peas a chance and the auto-correct is MEA culpa. Mi Agüita Amarilla follows, LIVE from the MONUMENTAL PLAZA DE TOROS Mar-a-Lago, is it a Mar (sea) or a Lago (lake)? Who knows! It could be a swamp for All Öüï knows. Lock-Him-Up!, Lock-Him-Up!, Lock-Him-Up!…

And now, a Word from the Dallas Set. JR is the good guy now and BJ McKay just spanked Bear Bryant, his pet [monkey] from The University of AlaBama.

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