Don’t shoot the Messenger ☿ 🐍 ☀️


Apollo news 📰 in Paris, France… HERMÈS Chronicle in Hilo, Hawaii.

And, Donna Perino… The Guy Was Shot Dead, “animals are great”, nobody got hurt because of the paperwork on the frame, said That guy on the Pirro Show. Note to The Five: the JUDGE will be recovering from a wild night in Ohio. She got nailed, or something like that, anyhow: Stare At The Sun as much as you feel like.

Wet moccasins, Marbles Gargles got Cottonmouth breath.

That’s not a pantufla, Jesus! That there is a moccasin on My Pillow 🇺🇲

Alphard Rushdie

And, Katie Benner…

Previously on Jesus on Safari: animal taxidermists are great.


Viva El Paso on the rocks 🥃

…  Bring Mí the Q.

You say tomato 🍅, Eye says tómate esta botella con Ming Oh.

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