After Picasso, it’s the Négritude 🛩️

The Kids are Alright.


The Fresh Prince of Montaigne… CNEWS Plus version. A new sitcom for TFI viewers. In Entertainment news, American Supreme Justice Clearance Thomas and Aunt Giny Virginia move to Paris for a jurisprudence Sabbatical at Sorbonne.

Note to Andrea Mitchell, Ma’am, the real safety issue is having THE BAND play in a guard-rail-less Hertz rental. What kind of OSHA standards are those?

Any how, never mind the fragility of Democracy in Beverly Hills, Matisse, our real issue here is last week’s vernissage in SEGOVIA, where Pablo was not even sent an invitation by the creator of France Culture.

Charlie Troop… Charlie Don’t Surf.

🎶 He gives all he can give
His house is wide open
Whoever wants to enter has a plate on the table
But he exchanges NOT the sky

The order of the Legion of Honor
Given to him by the French Republic

Serrat, Tio AlbertoTio Alberto.

With All Due Respect Uncle alBERT

With All Due Respect Uncle alBERT… I “C” your ‘Chevallier de Orsey’ and Eye raise you a TANK Specialist.

A note to The Faulkner report…

Oye mi negra, listen hun, “América” does not need SEAN PENN to trash Rodeo Drive.

And if you have knot been following our rollo, then you might have missed that WHOLE Spanish Civil War where the the creator of France Culture eventually became Québec’s favorite philosopher equivalent, Bernard-Henri Levi… you know “the VISUAL” of the ‘ENGAGED’ writer who goes to the battlefield, and then leaves when POLITICS threaten his future in The Party.

Members Only… Jarvis Cocker is a fucking fag who murdered A Con during a Requiem at France Cultures Philharmonique at Pre-Saint-Gervais.

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