69 rue Danois, Paris 13éme — A Brave New World³

En La Madre…with Perrine Storme
with Musical Guest:
Mommie Got a New Girlfriend 


Blur: Girls and Boys
Girls who want boys
Who like boys to be girls
Who do boys like they’re girls
Who do girls like they’re boys
Always should be someone you really love

followed by Mère jument, or as they say in Mexico the wife of “don Chente”, back in El Rancho Grande.

³~. The very French in Fréjus call this building “El Nuevo Mundo”, ISSY, c’est Paris… and KATIE Phangs, Eye swears that if you don’t spit Avi Velshi out I am going to take a snapshot of your shoes. I know that you ate Avi Velshi’s 2 O’clock hour.

The sad part of this incident is that Avi Velshi did say that, “he Tawt that he had taw a Puddy Tat,” but 911 thought that AVI Velshi was BULLshiting around.

Apropos de la apropiación cultural
Students are encouraged to not Wear MOCCASINS, or any other appropriated wardrobe that your grandparents got you in during their last vacation outside of the World State that they visited.
THOSE “Savage World” moccasins are not KOSHER but the Tony Lama’s are approved by la Palme d’or, de Eldorado Independent School District in Madrid.

… on the same vein (or calle with a different name) The “Real” UTOPIA Independent School District, is shooting its their most precious bugger eaters.

Castellano is spoken here.

“Little girls” are encouraged to take their “fuck pumps” off and go pied nu for the nice man with the Camera 📸.

Take Mi to the Pilot, Eye knows the Marble Man in Nice (06)!!!

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