The first tacha [❌] for Mme. Prime

There’s an election for a Free France in PENNSILVANIA… fuck the Eeeeeh GREC.

The American dream for insomniacs.

But, FO’ist, Avocado Haass needs to Ketch-the-Fuck up, indeed.

And Mann City is the 💣

Baby formula from a crisis follows. Angle Dick follows.

Six-Sigma SAMSUNG institute call this phenomena “Justin‘s Time”


Football baby

Tacha 💊 = Rave drug (Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua / Tijuana, Baja California).
Tacha ❌ = fault in academic papers.
Tacha🧏🏾‍♀️ = diminutif de Ignacia en Pau.

Los Cadetes de la rue Cadet.

Allegretto’s traveling Monday budget was cut by MGMT… MGMT cites that among the reasons for cancelling the travel budget was due to Vladimir Putin being a dick, but Évry body at the 5ème Circonscription de La République knows that MGMT needs to score heroine in order to fuck with the Stars.

Siendo MULA, [la muy Deniza] she hopped on a cargo train from Pornic to Espelette, Jacques !!! Desoula, not amused ordered a Fantwa con Shawarma law, extra persil on that sliced onion.

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