From Yesterday’s nEws — Three: All That and a Cross to bear³

³~. X marks the spot on a bag of chips on Cloud Nine with “My Sweet Lord”

Still to come, the Oxymoron of the They on The Avi Velshi research show, here’s a sneek peak:

Heather Long from the Jeff Bezos Washington Post Economic forum walks into a La Chrècherie, hilarity ensues when she orders a cake and then tries to eat it.

Note to editors, the following statement is paraphrased, precisamente paraPhresas de EL UNIVERSAL:

https ://old .reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /us1xkb /rompimiento_de_la_cuarta_pared_por_el_cuarto_poder/

The ideal scenario would have been to import baby formula from countries with similar standards like ours [U.S.] and who really-really—REALLY-REALLY-REALLY-really, feed and take care of their kindergartens and foresee their maternity leave issues.

https ://sammlung .staedelmuseum .de /en /work /bishop-julians-finding-of-the-true-child

Page 131, L’art du Diable.
Martino de Bartolomeo, La Découverte de saint Étienne, from the 7 Scenes de una Leyenda llamada “SANTO” El Enmascarado de SIMILAC®️.

But first, across The Atlantic, the Great State of Delaware is undergoing a shortage of baby formula, and over at the National Cathedral, Bishop Julian (from “Hey Jude” fame) found a way to feed the “True Child“. It’s a method that dates back to the Jeer of our Lord of 1390.

En contexto para espontáneos:

First off, I, Armando Segovia, have not decided to whom I should direct this entry, which I would hope that not one single motherfucker among our non-readers goes on and confuses ‘la magnesia de morena‘ con el comité de Gimnasia à Château de Vincennes.

La Guadeloupe Ana, will bring THE CHIPS.

For starters, señora Ministro de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche, and for the sake of the Scientific Method you, of all WaWaRetails* should know that the difference between the opinion of a bellybutton and the abstract of an asshole are numbers and CERTIFIED documentation… at the UNIVERSITY of SUD Corea, the PERMANENT^ ajumma’s at the Six-Sigma SAMSUNG institute call this phenomena “Justins Time” at the Dépôt desks… and “Delay’s Shortages” at the IHESS ivory towers.

*~. Madame Ministro Sylvie Retailleau
https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Sylvie_Retailleau

^~. https ://smart-ajumma .com /tag /ajumma-perm/

First the cloud:

Time’s up, you are going to need a bigger ring on That 🏃🏾‍♀️🔥

In Local News of the They, the Olympics logo and its handicapable counterpart got EVICTED from the Parvis de Mme. Hidalgo, details are developing, and all that the Paris Tourism Board can do is to have their minions on the artists front of collusion and backstabbers, follow my steps and seek the inspiration that NATURA en Salamanca les negó, mi negro.

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