memo 📝 to Thee Ministry of Foreign Trade and Attractiveness.

Public Service Announcement:
Tim Burton is of course, a fag, period!

In Three Mouvements


Just another band out of Boston… difficult to like, but lucky for Beantown, Thee Bird legacy lives there.

From “The Chupacabras” Adventures in Bretagne, which is basically a Celtic stronghold.


Franck Riester, please relay to LA Segnora Roma, that Chavelita “pura vida” has a message for her Bureau.


A 2008, Mean Streak 1600 special California Edition… you people call it “marauder” and it only has 1500 CC’s.

And, Denisa Kerschova, Eye is here to inform france musique that Öüï, that motherfucker, doesn’t do “Simples changements d’adresse”, let the record show, segnora Ministro, Sylvie Retailleau, that like that Black History month expert (February, except in the Great State of THEE Arizona Sun’s), Pap Ndiaye², D.A.T., Armando Segovia, a most distinguished researcher in the Continental U.S., and Hawaii también!!! Doesn’t do “simple moves”, that shit is for Chess players. Check, please ✔️

².~ Señor Ministro Ndiaye, please relay to your friend, THEE Président du Morena-francia, El señor Sergio Ávalos, without forgetting his spokesWoman, “Ugly Betty” to go fuck themselves… I Was and Remain, SIRIUS, and those fuckers are not, they are in it for El Hueso, they are descendants from “los Perros del Sol Azteca”, period.

And, madame VilleNET at FIP central, Clifford was a Redd Dog that went the way of Jimmy Dean… motherfuckers were turned into HOT DOGS, just like Tom Cruz 🛩️… atteNta mEnTe:

El Señor de Los Cielos


Gonna shoot heroine into my vains now, please jump to Page mañana.


Please stand-by for the Shiff’t on Deadline


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