Tom Cruise 🛩️ is a fag! Sincerely, Maverick 🖤♠️

You are not Ugly. Youse just hard to look at… Garçon!
Another pint for the Sergeant  Major 👮🏻‍♀️

Hold it there while I hit it.

Tom Cruise is like a McDo Ice Cream  Cube… motherfucker never melts! You artificial artifact Ewe! The Maverick was a friend of mine, and until You, Sir! Can do the drunk baby 🍼 routine at The Third Base bleachers with Chuck De Gaulle you ain’t nuttin’ but an Air America (R.I.P.) FAG.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

… Over at La Plaza México (1812) if you happen to be Phat {knot} necessarily a Basterd at france musique, this WON (in South Korea) was specially “distilled” for your Rugby playin’ ass.


… And, Alex DeUtilh, Eye is not a poet, far from it, and this one is signed by Victor Jara, pinche izquierda en Francia está de LAS PELOTAS, Boludo!!!

Las Mañanitas

Las Mañanitas.

Let’$ $witch, IT! (that motherfucker) to FIP and Zee what Denis Soula is Coq-blocking this sunny Atardecer.



HEY! Motherfucker!

Stop serving beer 🍺 to that motherfucking BaBy!!! He’s just a baby!

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