And, Mme. Prime… 🛸 If they only knew that Les Moulins are a front


And, over at Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, Adrianne Elrod just dropped a bomb on The “A” RER… bitch is going on a retreat and SHE is dumping all her chips (in Monopoly®️ money) on the Blue Line to ROBINSON.

When all else fails, bring in the Aliens.

Just the F.A.K. ma’am, ISSY, YOU ARE WELCOME.

And, mister Lin (marĂ­n) Manuel Miranda, STOP IT, you Portorican sonovabitch! Ain’t no way your Hamiltonian ass is GREEK!!! And here is why:


Eye can understand all of the boricua lingo exiting out of your belfo.


Pivot in a sky with Diamonds.

…Eye, Says… PLAYBALL! Motherfuckers!

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