Banzai!!! ⚾ No insistas, Nathalie Piolé*

Mi corazón es de La GO’ill de Niza

No insistas Nath-a-Lie.

*.~ If that’s your real name… I don’t lay with the suicidal type anymore. Any hoot, youse just the right type for that B-52 feller that Mel Brooks calls King Kong.

Just Burn the place down already… and if the Jan. 6 Community wanted to view these so-called media they’d be fucked. On the upside, the video arcade and the spray aerosol commission just got a green light to make Paris look like a cool 😎 Brooklyn neighborhood.

Goooooo, Dodgers.

And, Katty Kay… how’s the Queen doin’?

Is she going to let that Fucking “Sun King” outlive her Legacy and go the WAY of The Notorious RBG?

En RFPP, hoy hubo repetición…


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