30 de abril 2022 — Día del niño³

Anybody moves and Eye will blow your Tang! into the lemonAid!!!

Hoy no hubo Jazz.

Listen up squares, Évry body bee cool, this is a hatchery.

This movie 🍿 has just been rated in Tulsa and Austin America… captain! Check motherfucker.

https ://www .msnbc .com /deadline-white-house /watch /gop-attacks-on-reproductive-rights-create-a-public-health-crisis-on-purpose-138958405983

In Local News, it’s another edition of:

Évry body is moving to Paris, Texas.

Take for example, congressfemina de Quinn’s Knew York, Alejandría d’Occassion~Cort’dES. Yes! The same Alexandra from the Miami Sub-prime Duplexes-esos. As soon as she went to Broadway and saw, OKLAhoma’—she moved to ese crepuscule entre Saint-Ouen y El pinche McDo across the street. Congresswomen Ocasio is now working as a Dee-jay and moonlighting as a waitress in a Halal restaurant. The Power of pi.

³.~ and of MERA (aussi) off-course, and Ewe! Don’t forget the authentic nereid among Atlas’-es globe, ese… THAT 12-YEAR OLD with “a lot of TIME to think about the OPPORTUNITY…”, of delivering the by-PRODUCT of an INCESTIOUS RAPE…


come on down! Today is The Greatest, pumpkin.

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