U-TURN — Chihuahuita³, USA (it’s The Paris of America)


“So it goes.”

Over at Yankee Stadium on the Gallimard scene at la rue GRABIEL (75008), Jack Kerouac remet à l’honnEUR the Mexican Mayan Choo-Choo Train… in EASTERN Ukraine.

https ://www .tsfjazz .com /jazznews /breve /gallimard-ressort-mexico-city-blues-de-jack-kerouac

Tunas for Sushi para BoBos Vegetarianos… EYE swears, “no fuckin’ imagination!”.

Mexico City Blues



https ://www .fondationcartier .com

Aventures Imaginaires de Huckleberry Finland, via KLOVE.

LA _Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain
and “El Día de Los Muertos²
Atelier pour enfants
starring Thomas Le Petit Train (in Ukraine)

³.~ Season 1, Episode 18 of Maverick is IN French. The episode is based on a true story which has worked ever since glass beads were exchanged for Territorial Rights.

Las causas del cauce.

In this episode, Öüï discloses that unless you head over to the Town of Rockridge, Ewe is not going to find another cross-reference about La Fleur de Lys south of Baton Rouge… ask Charlotte.

The royal seamstresses episode, sponsored by Jean-Pierre Gaultier’s needles and pins casket.

Except off-COURSE, at LA rue Borrègo (75020), but then Ewe would have to be versed in TriAnguLAtion.

{and} GO’ill de Niza

Never mind the letter ENE missing on that Gre♦️adiers “storefront” sign, it’s Creole fo’Granaderos del S.S. Ypiranga.


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