Ce rivet ne c’est pas casse tout Seul³

³.~ Let’s Review… EYE is Knot crazy but Öüï shu’ is a NUT 🥜 🔩 and Eye knows that “ce rivet”:

¡Pandora!!! deja ya de joder con esa Musa!!! Es re-te teórica.

Il a été aide en cela par différents facteurs… 📬

Synopsis… Frank Sinatra walks into The Needles, hilarity ensues when…

GO’ill de Niza, that Thing! With the tulips… you know the fellow—doña Vilma Fuentes gets all shimmy dancer when she hears that coq sucker’s name; anyhow… pay no attention to mister Koons, if that is in fact, his motherfucking Last aka.


The Thing!, is that if you are Eva’! lookin’ fo’Albiceleste pericos on Champs-Élysées, Ewe need to look [No] further than that rue GRABIEL ⚡ and here is why.


Jim Morrison dibuja « el espejo del siglo » con los botones del botín de Jean-Pierre Gaultier

Across the UniVerse, the grapevine was all like, “Watts goin’ ON!” in Mexican question Deutsch Marks… if Euro Disney shall fail in Orlando.

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