Dear, WASP and other assorted shades of Americans³

Ladies in Gemini, ASEGOVIA3 is proud to present to you a CLEAR and PRESENT BACKGROUND, in case anybody is wondering what The UCRAINE, in Ucrania of course, has to do with what happens in MEXICO, and as all EWEs know already, this motherfucking blog is about the things that happen in MEXICO, via las afueras de La Bendita Sorbonne y Science[s]Po.

In local news, Hoy No Hubo Jazz… some bum is gettin’ all nostalgic en “L’oscure²” with the Charbonne.


Is that a Topo Chico next to that Ale? Or is that cupcake just asking for, IT!?

².~ Ahour apologies for mispelling your name, Pedro Panacea,
o como dice, Gignac en Monterrey:
Pierre Lescure.

³.~ Especially the ‘kind’ with an Opuntia cacti pad on the forehead.

Unlike Poker this is a game of chance… ask Rachel Maddow, she’s the msnbc TOLUCA-PEMEX connection on the Give Up You Nuke technology program from the PENTAGONE.
In the mean time, EUROPE, don’t be such a WUSS, cut that RUSSIAN oil supply. Show some backbone you Coq Suckers, Ewes.

https ://www .reuters .com /world /americas /mexico-suspends-subsidy-gasoline-border-region-with-us- 2022-04-02/?

Remember, “the alamo“?
or was it,
América, love it or leave it!“???

{and} Mr. NATO Secretary, nevermind the GALL of those “frontier” PATRIOTS crossing into México in order to mitigate the FUEL crisis.


Stupid Americans, what they don’t KNOW is that what they save in that FULL GALLON of Unleaded, they spend in EUROS because in México, “los litros no son de a litro”. Look it up, or ask those “local” EL DIARIO de JuárezNew York Times vetted-reporters guides, they know all the “CLAVES”.



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