Dear, Cerf-panthère, Eye believes the term that youse referring to is³

En Replay’s believe, IT!, or knot.

³.~ Crawling King Snake.

Los pernos de Nelson, knot Watson, –Consuelo.

Still to come, “U.N. Jour j’irai a Détroit », in the mean time, Bugsy, youse gonna have to settle for Las Vegas.

https ://www .npr .org /2022/04/05 /1090994275 /zelenskyy-to-speak-at-u-n-as-evidence-builds-of-war-crimes? t=1649165367614

For Context Go to Citronella Park at Euro Disney’s Médical Center for Big Pharm Animals at Balard (punto y coma) casi esquina con the WaWa Park next to the Mexican Discothèque called “L’Équinoxe de Palmieri” 🎺🪘🎹🌴


♠️ Bycicle… and just in case you are wondering, YES! The Morjo Show added a RePlay Hour while the reporters are out. It’s a classic Switch-n-Bait technique used by thee Snake Medusa Oil Complex. Cousin Joe has promised to follow on the Bpi’s track and WIPEOUT YouTube and thee Musk’s brand New Coucoo.

Eye does Knot, and Eye quotes, “blame Ewe,” but GawdAmned!

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