Señor, Ministro de la Justice en La France, WADR³

The following ballad del Corrido de París… Texas, is titled with a licenciatura de SEIS años afuera de La bendita Sorbonne, and Eye named it:

And, GO’ill de Niza, Ewe know that You can’t play Polka without a Budweiser Budvar. Prost, Güerca.

Alternative title in COLOMBIA:

estos hijos de puta no Cantán tan mal las Rancheras de Vicente Fernandel… sin acento.

The Minions del señor Mélenchon no Cantán tan mal The Casbah, but can’t play Rock and Roll for shit, even if they speak {en} Inglés.


Hit, Mi! — Sledgehammer… 🔔 señor, Mélenchon, we’ve met before, Eye was in listening mode… m’ember Mi, “Amarillo no me pongo… »… 🔔 es mi color.

³.~ With All Due Respect, señor Ministro Dupond-Morado, you of all rubber-stamp SEAL peddlers know that La Moral es un Árbol que da Érick’s.

Did you miss the Starting Line? Öüï sure didn’t.

Öüï,.now return to Jazz

Now, Öüï knows a few things about LA balanza… but Öüï is to drunk to fuck with AZERTY. 🇧🇷 KNOTwhitSTANDING, qwerty is always up.

If the Templar Credit 💳 is still good, meet me at Camera Tú, if not… just give Mi, a minute…

Jump to Page MELVILLE at Olympiades.

Hoy no hubo LLANERO SOLITARIO, he went 🧺 picnicking with ROSSINI.

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