Just sign on the dotted line … 🤘SEAN PENN is the biggest KAREN C.I.A. asset in the World

🎶 The answer my friend ♈
is blowing in the Wind
The answer is blowin’ in the wind ♒


Wind delivers the WaWa in The Zodiaco, ask FLORENCE CASSEZ, she incarnated the role of la ♎, knot-to-be confused with the Greek resistance symbol which off-course, is the motherfuckin’ RESISTANCE ( Ω ), period!

West Philadelphia via Canyon Dr. and Santa Monica Boulevard.

And Starring as Sony Liston… The 13th Apostle.

“Get out of my way,
can’t you see I’m from El Ey?
Yeah, I met Slash, I’ve got a rose tattoo
I bet I know way more people than you

Not to be outdone by the Mexican National Symbol Estampa (en la frente) the Mark of The Beast ordered all Opuntia cacti in Paris to drop their bloody barbary figs from their pads.


And, Black Diplomats in Ukraine… I hope that you, IGOR Novakaine*, don’t take this message to Sean, the wrong way, but Madge’s first (after doing the entire MTV scene) is the biggest fucking KAREN in the Western WO’id.

*.~ Sorry if Eye mispelt your name, Mr. Novikov, I am an anti-dentite and i take Évry opportunity to point this out, anyhow,  your biography is not yet available in Google maps™️, so Eye has no choice but to burn the 1986 edition of The Hollywood Map of The Stars pads.

Meanwhile, in Arabia… cualquier parecido con El Soldado Pérez, es pura coincidencia… ¡háblele!

Pole positions.

https ://www .wiki .ng /en /wiki /ukraine-advisor-to-president-zelensky-igor-novikov-stands-his-grounds-as-russia-counties-its-attacks-947681 /amp

Anyhow, Mr. Novillero, Eye bet you a Kate del Castillo telenovela that you didn’t know that Sean Penn is a career double agent responsible, among other acts, for the disappearance of Venezuelan president, and Softball aficionado, Hugo  Chávez, as well as for having the current Mexican head of State personally deliver “las mañanitas” to the mother of convicted felon, Joaquín “el chapo” Guzmán.

That story is next…

https ://nypostnypost .com /2022/03/26 /sean-penn-calls-for-oscars-boycott-if-ukraines-zelensky-cant-speak/

¿Por cuánto me lo da?

Tuna is the price of a-Toon in Belleville (Punto y coma)… nopalitos are the price of Mantequilla en NAPOLES — ¡BOMBA!

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