29 de septiembre, 1973 — Radar’s Report S2 ♦ E3

Attention, camp:

Tonight’s feature at the 4077th Odeon Multiplex is a tragedy called “The Sign O Times”, starring Taylor Hawkins 🥖🥖 in the role of Sheila E., {and} Dave Grohl plays the role of Prince… Pat Smear dons a pair of Buddy Hollie’s SPECTACLES and becomes Daphne… No doGs allowed.

And in the role of Lt. Col. Henry Blake, that guy from the CFR, and Morning Joe apologist, Ricardo « 🥑vocado » Haass.

Attention camp: hoy no hubo Jazz.

For(d)Ose just joining the Transmission, I Am SIRIUS, and Ewe is KnoT. Ask Ball Sac, “The Aristocrats”, showed you them “manitas », Yesterday right across from the OCDE, siege Le Mexique on Washington, St., and if you know where 909 Francis is? Then you know that a Jaguar just ate your Cuaco’s Phase.

En el Centro de información pública, Georges “see Scott » Pompidou, el gobernador de Nuevo Lyon, CEMEX…

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