LUCHARÁAAAN… “It’s good to be Hard³”

Must be the season of Bewitched… deer goD!!!
Loki, look at all them Pussy Cats.

And, “Guerreras” en RFPp del 27 de febrero del 2022 entre 11h y midi, if Ewe ladies decide to Come… be advised that Eye is a STUDENT of ALL them spots.

Las Guerreras de Centro América


Paris, Kentucky fried chickn’

And, Guatemala… Nice song, eh… no te metas en Guate-peor…tenga su ZABLUDOVSKY, pues:
en París, hoy salió el Sol.

“It’s HARD to be good³“… said, the Tap WaWa to Guatemala, on rFPP.

Banana fo’Size

The history of “rhythmically slapping your hand on either the mat or a convenient part of the opponent’s body », {or} Tapping out… 🍌 fo’Size.

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