La moral spread with blackberry™️

18th Street, Los Angeles, California. (1987)

— Chale, no ConozKo a SoFi… but the Forum is next to MLK Blvd. Watch out for El Segundo, pickpockets are known to operate with that D.A.R.E snoopy Snoops güau-Wha, a tribe on some sort of quest ‘claim’ that ‘they’ left their wallets near Seal bitch, or something like that.



Hoy no hubo |-|armónica, puro Claxón®.

Son La Misma Estrella en la Constelación ZODIACOS

Now, if youse looking fo’Flamencos, go to Belgium, pink flamenco’s to Camargue or Miami; but guitarra clásica, go to El Eh… EYYYY!

Habichuela… Pepa “la burra” te saluda, y Manda un Bizet a los nietos de El présidente de los Estados Unidos Mejicanos… Venga, Pappy…

SEBASTIAN “Linares… Öüî’ll put him to the tostada.

And there’s a reason fo’IT!

A4 support

NOTE to Gregory “Pappy” Boyington:

Pappy, it’s just about 0600h in Toledo (je, je 🚽🧻 “toledo” equals toilette in the voice of Pasolini Tejas.) Set sheep-clunting mode to the following hour, in Zulu Time.




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