“Piggy-back Wings” for vegans are all-you-can-Eat during Happy³ Hour.

³.~ Don’t Bogart that joint.

Billy Happy Madison stars as “The Roadie”. Musical guest: ANTHRAX.


And in Paris, Knot to be undone by the So-called “Black History Month”, —in Boston! TSF JAZZ metió a James Brown on an ‘Up-ah!


Hey, Bulldog (34)… is that what your College degree got you? I mean, gAwd Damned!!! Youse Pottie trained like a house kitten, which is never a bad thing, but gAwd Damned, ShellyBoy, a Trump RINO‽

So… Moving on and double-checking on the GO’il de Niza on the 91.7 freq’s de radio France… I told you that it was going to be a military march; not an AIRSTRIKE. But I digged your Happy show ensamble from 24h ago. It’s 10h32 in Hololulu, LuLu.

—I’m the man! I’m the man!
I’m so bad I should be in detention!
I’m the man!
… ANTHRAX, page Tú; ibid.

If you want, Öüï could do  show on a thing called the bossa Nova en Falsetto… Eye knows a guy.

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