1 de febrero, 2022… Meh, (🐯) tastes like chicken

🐏 Black sheep squadron 🛩️ with musical Guest:

On second thought 🤔 … Sink The Fuck Out Of Florida, All Of It.
Walk away, and don’t look back, lest you want your ass to turn into SALT… Ibid.

Louie Pasteur’s ANTHRAX cover band. The band begins at 10-to-Six, when Flavor Flav rolls the Toms and Mr. Aitch axes 🎸the opening chords of KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY, followed by A timed-delayed LIVE FEED of Tony ORLANDO dropping a “neo-version” of BELLY OF THE BEAST”… and Eye quotes from The Twilight Zone:

Dear, 91.7 FM… Exactly what in the Wide World of Schnitzel Gruben and Schutzstaffels is this Thing you call Bahhhhhroque?


We only did as we were told.


Spotie FiDo — The real fags: stupid, loud-pipes, Harley-Davidson lovin’ faggots, period! This is what COPS for TRUMP looks like, an ode to La DAMA Blanca, which coincidentally is Ella. Check the Calendar St. Ignatius, today is Ella’s turn on the Catholic rolodex.

In WaWa Land, Covid kidnapped Rachel Maddow, and Rachel is pregnant! Trou 🕳️ Story! Joe Rogan said so.

Sources close to Meh…di Hasan, relay that Lorne Michaels (that motherfucker) is the insiminator and The Son of a Festevus Miracle plays the role of the Stork and, « doctor » Laura Ingraham is of course the motherfucking Fox, AESOP reports.

It’s a Festevus Miracle!!!… Put it in a bag, man. Put it in a bag.

Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace prepared the baby shower ritual, which will take place at The Rainbow Room with an after party at Mika’s penthouse at 30 Rock… Check please, don’t be like Joe Rogan.

It’s 4 a.m. in Paris, —Chinois New Year’s EVE in Bette Milder’s Headquarters in pineapple 🍍 land.

GALLEGO studies…
Agora errr… Ahora en Castellano, knot, « Agora » en la lengua de Hernán Cortés de Monroy y Pizarro Altamirano and, if you wish, in Español, —Aussie.

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