Octubre dos mil once — La noche de los muertos³

³.~ Local Enterprise 93100… Rue De La Solidarité.

Ahora cuéntame una de Vaqueros, followed by a show “about nothing”.

And, Baby Blue 💙, if you are in on the joke, “la vecindad in front of Vincennes, on la « bendita » rue de La Solidarité, where the Mexican 🌮🌯 Embassy used to hold their kermes with the rock-a-billy mannequin dit Freddy Cats, is now a Dermatologist clinic and face bodyshop.

Entre Río Cuale (Gringo Gulch) y Playa Los Muertos… Cholos Reloaded and The Year of The Tiger (MX) Ten Years Later.

Diggin’ Deeper: Acid Jazz is for fags.

It used to be temporary taco stand.

Moovin’ on…

Thee Nyers

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