Año de Hidalgo at the very Berri-Champs—Élysées O.C.D.E. de MEXI…¿qué‽


Allow Mí, to show you the way to BAPSA Street.

Dear, fip dot fr, listen up Siren, EYE, ÖÜÏ and the most FILOSOphical among our « All Apologies » bureau at Le Grand Palais Foreign Press Headquarters, the Great Willie Nelson, remind Ewe all for the 60th time for Èvry Jeer in France, that I am knot Drifting 🛩️, I am DRAFTING a Knew Known Bible🐰.

And, Lindsey Reiser, is that a Julie Tee playing the role of a Mexican Twitty Bird?

Julie Tee in, “A Tale of Two Kays”.

—That’s gold, Lindsey. Gold!!!

And in Washington, Öüï now knows that Mika is not a trou blonde. Mike Lupica, reports from the Longchamps Racetrack, Roland Garros is on the spot.



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