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Happiest girl in the graveyard refers to Nina’s version of this melody.
https ://es .wikipedia .org /wiki /Love_Me_or_Leave_Me_(canci%C3%B3n_de_1928)

Hash tag yada yada yada

Le Parisien

Où placer son argent en 2022…

nitrus oxide, of course.

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In Tonga, (near Bikini Atol) Avi Velshi just passed some gas. Blame it on the Oaths that Mika’s horse KURWA, stole from Avi’s luchbox. The event was captured by the Webb Space Telescope, and digitalized for posterity and beyond.

But FO’ist! People in Alabama want to know if Molière was the Jon Stewart of his time? … hear Mí out, FRANCK, provided that the French had invented comedie in the first Arrondisement. Semolina Pilchard followed the trail left behind by Mr. Poquelin and the snoop brings us this report.

Eye fckn knew it!

— Yes, sadly, Molière was the Daily Show of his comedy central station.
And considering what Bassem Youssef reflected on his likeness to the Jon Stewart, [if Jon Stewart had walked a mile like an Egyptian in 2011] of course… IT!, all adds up, Colbert is behind this, “The Report” on The Daily Show was just a mascarade, Colbert orchestrated Évry thing. IT!, all adds up, with Witt

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15/16th… French recipes with Rosa Parks, Issy, her farts smell of Green Onion Soup and she moved to the XIX barrio, Ese.

Javier Bardem is the perfect Cuban, Tiffany, just like Ritchie Valens is the perfect Filipino {and Selena is from the Bronx}. Heck! Dario Moreno is from Canada! Ask Avi Velshi, Avi is a closeted Young Turk from Istanbul on the msnbc’s.




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