“D’ou vient l’expression « armée mexicaine » … 🌮

Fig—a—aro. Fig—ah—Ro.
Figaro! Figaro!… FIG—Ah—RO:

And in the Role of Burton Gilliam (Lyle), Président François Hollande. | ‘Member now, Dominique Stauss–Kahn was supposed to be the ONE TO deal with the Libération de Florence Cassez en 2012.


https ://www .lefigaro .fr /actualite-france /2015/07/14 /01016-20150714ARTFIG00028-d-o-vient-l-expression-armee-mexicaine.php

“This phrase makes it possible to express the idea that in an organization there are a lot of responsibilities, too much hierarchy and a lack of fighters” explains Jean Pruvost, professor of lexicology and lexicography at the University of Cergy-Pontoise (Val-d’Oise).”

L’Espirit en Images by Posner y Raichle (Maddow)

Fast-forward to la chingada “prima Vera árabe”, es decir la primera de las hijas de mi tía Buika en Matamoros, Tamaulipas, frontera con “Perros Bravos”, Nuevo León…. y déjame que te cuente Vera about page 8, Chapter 4 of Doctor Kavita Patel pastel’s en una foto del mísmísimó, Espíritu.

But First:

In local news, “no insistas Susana Puveda”… the TV is on

Tonight’s edition of, —check this out:

The Katrix… and Eye swears
that Öüï is knot making this up,
starring Katty Kay as, —you’ve guessed, IT!


Soundtrack available at all Paris Restos de Cour and Emmaüs Shacks, with musical guest:

Mexican Army en Fràncés… Because in Hilo, Hawaii these little figurines are bicorne-down on account that 🍍 PINEAPPLES are the complement to Parmentier’s ⏳.

LOS FRANCHUTES DE LA SIERRA, featuring David Guetta and los nichos de Nice, followed by The Rolling motherfucking Stones… because the only surviving Beatle is Ringo, and that cocksucker went to jail for trafficking royalties with a 16 year-old.


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