La Répétition des Scénarios de Vie³ or, how Eye learned to love Susana Poveda y a su chingado cinito por la radio²

Hey, Jonathan, never mind the Redundant quote but DON’T LOOK UP : Déni Cosmique says, “Thanks for dressing up
https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt11286314 /quotes /qt6083137

The Persuaders (Amicalement Votre)
ALBUM : The Prisoners (2021)

[last lines]

Jason Orlean: What’ up, y’all? I’m the last man on Earth. Shit’s all fucked up. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. We out here.

BREAKING the KNEWS… Based on truly possible events ».
In WaWa Land, some gal named TARAH*SETMAYER just put a fried egg on the ALTAR of LINCOLN!!! — Oh, the Humanity.

Strange all jazzed up Cuban sounds are currently expected to sound later on tonight.
The American Embassy in PARIS just issued out a bulletin INSTRUCTING all AMERICANS to stay away from the rue des LOMBARDS radius, so pena of being ex communicated for catching THE HAVANA SYNDROME of Yesu.


« Quand l’homme blanc est arrivé, il avait la Bible et nous avions la terre », aimait-il raconter. « L’homme blanc nous a dit : ‘Venez, agenouillons-nous, et prions ensemble’. Quand nous avons rouvert les yeux, voilà ! – nous avions la Bible et il avait la terre… »

El arzobispo anglicano,
Desmond Tutu
as quoted by
radio france international

Page 7 
Quand la vie se répète
« Le bonheur es une idée neuve en Europe. »
Rapport à la Convention nationale,
3 mars 1794.

oNe.: RELAX-ay-voo

— Well, wadda ‘ya know…
TuTu just passed by:
https ://www .rfi .fr /fr /afrique /20211226 -mort-de-desmond-tutula-nation-arc-en-ciel-perd-une-ic%C3%B4ne-de-la-lutte-contre-l-apartheid
Demain Est Une Autre Histoire

In local news, Italian dreamer, Dean Martin, passed away yesterday, Christmas Day 1995 only to welcome the newest member of the RAT PACK at the KNEEDLES, Sammy Davis Jr., caught a case of the Omicrons on his Beguine and so, that motherfucker had to stay in Soweto for the rest of the Millenium.

Cottraux, Jean
153.6 COT
Bpi: 3 7504 00231077 7
135 F / 20,58
selon ©Odelie Jacob at rue Soufflot
(Average exchange rate for april in Paris of 2001)

… Wrong, do it again
If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding
How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?
You! —Yes, you behind the bikesheds, stand still laddy!




FRF remplacé par EUR

And JONATHAN CAPEHARTplease relay to Aunt Gloria that La COMADRE Victoría’s exchange rate has not changed in 20 years.

Conversion Euro vers Franc français — Dernière mise à jour :
26 déc. 2021, 16:26 UTC

1 EUR = 6,55957 FRF
1 FRF = 0,152449 EUR

65,00 Euros = 426,37205 Francs français

Niveau 2 – Psychologie

Tu.~ (pronounced Two):

Note to Avi Velshi: dude, Öüï arrived like a THEY earlier to « Suzy’s cinito en Les-chingados-Moulineux », so here is last Night’s rendition of Saint-Opportune:
https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /club-jazzafip /club-jazzafip-du-samedi-25-decembre-2021

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