Jimmy Fallon is stupid, he only knows Timberlake

Fixed: How Goodfellas Bought Boston College³ Basketball

Jimmy Fallon is So Stupid… he makes The Roots look like weeds:

Do You Want More?!!!??! has been considered by critics as a classic of hip hop jazz.

https ://www .vulture .com /2021/09 /jimmy-fallon-ignites-feud-with-jazz-artist-on-tonight-show .html

Jimmy Fallon is So Stupid… he makes Australia look cool… and Australia is the Enemy, bunch of deported ex-cons in Anglais, and CurrenT Cons in French. Trou fact.

Jimmy Fallon is So Stupid… Eye can go on all night but why waste the Band—WiiDth, MANNNN!

One for the Road:
Jimmy FALLON is SO STUPID… he makes Jay Leno sound like an erudite at Boston College. Trou story one time the Cadre at Boston College asked Jimmy Fallon to show his work on an Extra-Credit assignment, it was a simple assignment, the professor asked Jimmy to print Boston College’s slogan³ and Jimmy, as always, used MS WORD instead of EVER to ExCel.

³∴ https ://www .publishersweekly .com /978-0-87833-192-5

In Local news… not to be outdone by Mika Brzezinski’s legendary trips to Frejus in the South of France, SUSANA PUVEDA is currently eating tacos (REAL #tacos) in EAST EL EY… FALL•ON — D.A.T. Jimmy, fall on that.


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