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It Was 16 Years Ago To They…
Sergeant Pérez thought Billy how to use them SHEARS!

Just the facts, Rush.

*,) Limbaugh

https ://www .thenation .com /article /archive /messing-mother-nature/

Does anybody remember Jodorowski’s Dune sketches? It’s kind of sort-ish like Lynch’s Oasis but with the imagination that the Tourism Board of La Ville de Paname lacks:


And, Alex Witt, you can check with Charles De Gaulle’s dad (punto y coma) the man was a history teacher (back when the West was Being Won).

And Heidi Przybyla you can check the page, it’s the same one from the other They; anyhow, Alex, the General’s father used to tell his students that History Has a way of sneaking up on Civilization, but seldom in the same manner as it did the first time that it reared it’s ugly Tail:

… [A]nd here’s another thing for y’all — The White Truck was Velshi, knot —Paul!!! And his callsign was La Ojiva Negra.

Blasts rock Kabul as US drone strike hits ISKP bombers

https ://www .aljazeera .com /news /2021/8/29 /kabul-airlift-enters-final-phase-us-warns-of-more-attacks-live

And then History goes… never mind Arbusto en El Alamo, here comes Katrina’s big wet 🌬💨🌊BUSH… with Musical GUSTS in the form of Ring-oh’s in The Sky:

You’re Sixteen—You’re Beautiful… and you’re 40 Miles SSE from the Grand Isle… knot the ⚜️ Île, Louis.

And the French Quarter goes: AVI!!! AVI VELSHI!!! Come In—You magnificat batard.  “Can you hear Mí now?” Velsh!!! This is Eye and Öüï is at la Rue Honoré trying to get a hold of “The Green Machine” at “Crescent City”, while that happens over on the Sunday Show it’s another editon of don’t forget to top-off your “Go — Go Juice“.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /List_of_CB_slang

And The French Quarter responds:

Kathee Drahl grade levees (second hand, fourth generation; solid. Sold “AS-IS” no refunds).

Not so fast, en está IDA Öüï got U.S. a Dutch master’s Zeppelin-Grade levee [from La Ancienne ⚜️ Place ⚜️ des Regrattiersthat which promise not to break 📶↪️… Öüï even had the good taste of adding a ROMA reference in the form of a ∪ƒ⊗ disguised as a SUPERDOME ⚜️ … and knot to rub, IT!, on the American Priest in Paris, but the motherfucking Saints play there… but never when Katrina is on the IDA (visitor) schedule.


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