Inter💋medio con La MABM (Nº2.71)

Grrrrr… 👄 Dear, Debbie “bacardi”… It is you, former Rep. who is wrong on the EMBARGO, and it is HER, the Current U.S. Representative from Queens (N.Y.) who is on the correct side of Humanitarian History, more on that after the Olympic Moment with Tiffany -time delayed- Cross town traffic.

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Sexiest man alive… Fuck You George Clooney!

In local news, never mind the anti-covid protests at LA GARE de Saint LAZARE, Metro Line 14 (the purple line) that’s just the RIGHT WING of the frogs being idiots, pay close attention however to the following INFRASTRUCTURE Public Service Announcement regarding the aforementioned line; M14 will be closed from TODAY, July 25th all the way until AUGUST 8th but it only involves the stops from the GARE de LYON to OLYMPIADES (same goes for the RER Cthe Yellow Lead Better line) as this line, M-14 (∴my favorite line∴) is currently being connected to the ORLY International Airport. The delay is really not that bad considering the options available to move around this Olympic Villa.

Em#botella—miento… Contexte pour Cousin Joe via AVI VELSHI en IRAN, con ESCALA en La Havana* (l‘amour est dans l’AIR) — Fuck The Olympics (punto y coma) The Guardian*: “The quixotic notion that the Olympics could be a champion of human rights – and that staging the Games would open up authoritarian hosts to international norms and scrutiny – was completely undermined by Beijing 2008, then rendered risible by the Sochi Winter Games in 2014… 

Je ne parle pas Espagnol … Lingua Franca es InglÉs, SVP

* Dear, President Joe Biden:

https ://www .reuters .com /world /americas /mexico-preparing-shipment-food-medicine-cuba-mexican-official- 2021-07-22/

Your counterpart in México is making you look like a Ur-fascist¹, or as George Clooney would call you at an Italian get together, an ETERNAL PRIMITIVE (primate). In Texas, Mr. President, you look like a TWO-faced Ronald Reagan.

¹ ibid… https ://www .openculture .com /2016/11 /umberto-eco-makes-a-list-of-the-14-common-features-of-fascism .html

2 de Octubre, 1968: “Salió el sol” according to Mexican nightly news and, the International Olympic Committee president, “was at the ballet”. The GUARDIAN* goes on to highlight that, << He then reacted to the greatest ever display of athlete activism at the games – the black power salutes – by destroying the careers of Tommie Smith and John Carlos. The IOC’s history is one of genuflecting before power and violence, and bullying the athletes it claims to revere >>.

Thank you for THE CHARITY; but JUSTICE is a better Deal, señor(es) Presidente. Call me… or KNOT.

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