Saturday’s morning car-tunes

Must be read in a Lee Treviño voice:

In Washington, violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders continues in rampant mode and, Lindsey Reiser is pulling a double header (covering the bases for the Vassoughian) and brandishing a new name for her morning show, the  guy next to her is still the same, though… not sure if her contract covers overtime, but maybe the honchos over at peacock central should hire some Extras.

Something, something, something, “en la feria de Cepillín”, 🏌🏻‍♂️ Who’s a sexy motherfucker? — Medhi is, yes he is.

“Medhi Hasan does get paid overtime… and Rachel Maddow can keep her ‘sleep number®️’ cupons in her portfolio”*

* For context on The Rachel Maddow’s Sleep Voucher number you must be tuned in to the peacock scene (punto y coma) in other words, it is meant only as a referential timestamp of a Very Low Frequency communication exchange with the Squelch in the ON position.


Page 3 Sports

You are going to need a bigger stadium.

Öüï last touched base with the situation developing at the Sherman Memorial Baseball Field at Vincennes during Julius César’s hasty attack on objective Centerfield, where Serge Gainsbourg was trying to figure out how to properly fit a glove, and not to be outdone by her dad, Charlotte turned into a fluffy gray cat and CLAIMED that she too, —aussi— can play Centerfield, and so there was only one thing to do, and so Charlotte got High (Rocky Mountain High) and she took the field, one thing that can be said about Charlotte is that at least she knows what color scheme to wear as part of the visiting team.

But WAIT!!! There’s more Lindsey in 14 hours as soon as the clock strikes High Noon at the Sherman Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes, where Anne Hidalgo is first at the plate and Louise Michel is at the mound… [I]t’s the bottom of the FO’ist!


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