🎶🗣 Un laurel para ti de Victoria, etcetera, etcétera, et Set era

Across The Atlantic, Willy Geist is leading The Manhattan Street Band, and if you are just tuning in to the silent symphony of this blog, then the only thing that you need to know is that, 🎶🌬 We’ve taken care of Evry thing • The words you read • The songs you sing • The pictures that give pleasure to your eyes • It’s one for all and all for one… because Willie Geist is more human than human.

Alright now, stay with me because ahora en tiempo Real y « à l’ocassion de l’exposition RougeArt et utopie au pays des Soviets continuamos con el cuadro dedicado al señor arquitecto Leoncio Orellana, semi propietario de la MAL 217 en la calle Saint Germain-des-Près.

And just so you don’t have to scroll down to ketch-up with the question posed to the good architect at the Latin-american Chante*  here’s a replay in the voice of Eva Longoria ⚡️ in the role of little Dora’s mom:

Say D.A.R.E. don Leo, can you tell Mí how to get to Lucien’s Street?

… and the imaginary voice (en tiempo Real) of el buen coordinador de toda cosa q’entra y sale del Chante* mas mestizo en París replies:

1. Just head on down Lille street until you pass the Chante* de la Legion d’honor, (2) from there pay attention to all of the Rucas** that la legión capturó, they are all autochthonous (punto y coma) once you pass thee, just a few steps ahead you will see a different woman…

(3) this particular fémina is cut from a different stock (stalk) and she sports a Sword (punto y coma) let’s call her SOTA and she happens to be flanked by a caveman wearing a big cat like a big hooded cloak, the caveman also sports a knobby cudgel, just to strike-a-pose…

Caballero de bastos.

(4) once you see these two—pivot right on rue Poitiers until you hit la rue Verneuil, pivot Left and head on straight until you spot what could pass as your average unoccupied building turned into a squat, and there you will find Lucien’s place. If you miss it, just look for Number 3.

* chante = house
** ruca = woman, in this context young women, not old lady.

It’s funny how things line up de La Noche a La Mañana (Jour et Nuit), but one thing is for sure, every motherfucking thing begins with a draft (🌬) o un borrador, for lack of a better take. And Siren, the timestamp is either a ¼ after Nine or 9:16, da’fuck is “a quarter past Nine plus one (little) minute”, but hey, WHO am i to argue with the makers of Four Twenties plus Ten to arrive to the motherfucking 90’s, eh!?

59 antes del 10

Witt That in Mind, Jean-Pierre Melville, can one man be an island? —And Mr. Melville reaches over across Mr. François Truffaut book-section and replies:

— Listen, cabrón, I don’t know about a man, but Charlote most definitely is.

Now then, mis damas con alas (Classic Siren) the Valencian duo, PichiAvo, or their entourage will and cannot let me tell a lie here because, the first rótulo with the presentation of their work of Art arrived from the printshop with some gobbledygook in the opening adverb “Dans le cadre…” and at the end of that introductory paragraph (punto y coma) i know, because that early Sunday morning Three Weeks ago i removed the “chicanada***” used to hastily cover the typo 🤝… C’mon GROUPRAMA, you had one job!!! 👨🏼‍🎨

*** ask a Mexican del Borderplex (915) or from Tijuana (lada sin costo).

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