page 32∴ Add insult to injury, with the President of the French Republic, Mr. Emmanuel Macron

Deer, Republican Michael Steele, please refer to the Southpark, Harley Riders episode for Moxie and, of course some motherfucking context, because the real FAGs are not in the following picture:

Go ahead, say it. Here, Republican Michael Steele, i will do the first part; violeurs are fags… but one good thing about today’s news is that Joe Biden is President of The United States of America; in Paris, Madame Hidalgo is worried that Mr. Macron might get to could maybe face-off against Marine Le Pen.

It’s funny how Communication in the plausible deniability mode finds it’s place on a Tetris®️ LCD. Por ejemplo, Susana Poveda, i now know what you meant last night on the Jazz Wave by, “CHOW-down*” the Saint-Eustache night soup. Can’t say that Mr. Rosbif “the waiter dog” did not announce the Outdoor Gala outside of the place that i call, « The Situation » place, just in front of Geronimo’s joint, at the Indiana Café, in the Parisian sector of The Westfield American Style mall.

Chow-down = Eat a meal on the move, or very fast.

FOR THE RECORD: Any violence brought on my well-being, or my Human Rights in France, including but not limited to Rape, Blows To My Head, Stabbings, or if i am killed here, it will be on you Mr. Macron, not your predecessor or his LatinAmerican connection at La Peña de Saint Germain-des-Pres, or in Nice (06200).

In human-to-human terms, as TRMS pointed out last night in a different context for the Houston We Have A Problem CREW (EST), or, early this morning at the opposite side of the Passage des Lingères (75001) for the good CNES fellas connection, them sort of communications (lower case and plural) are nearly impossible to break through.

Context follows… maybe.

So to evaluate last night’s question, as far as it goes, France seems to use almost the same intimidation tactics that “los países no alineados**” used during the Jimmy Carter (Valéry René Marie Georges Giscard d’Estaing y CIA***) and Ronald Reagan (François Mitterrand Y CIA***) epochs.

** Los países no alineados = Le mouvement des non-alignés, or NAM por sus siglas en Inglés.
*** Y CIA = and company (lower case here)

Anyhow, Ashley Chevalier, have you met Dave Chappelle, yet? I will assume that for all intents and PURPOSES you’ve had the opportunity to review his post-election SNL monologue, and i’ll leave it at that.

So WITT that in mind, let’s see what happens next, all i can say is that if what is happening to me right now was happening to a person of the so-called weaker sex, Mother Teresa herself would summon her presence at La Rue Des Bourdonnais, in less than a New York minute.

Up Next: Weekend Edition… maybe.

But FO’ist, Dear, Yoko, i am not one to cut anybody from the Historicity of Paul McCartney, SO! WITT D.A.T. and a glass of Moxie, i know it’s a day late but in keeping with the theme of “el chivo” Lubezki, here’s # 9, n° 9, N° 9, number 9:

SAPO verde to EWE.

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