🎶 Monday, Monday… deer, Ashley at BFM’er

Please Standby for « petit ceinture » …

“Don’t turn your back on me, baby
You just might pick up my magic sticks ».

Key word is Of course, les 🥖’ettes, period.


It’s Black History Month… only on the BBC. 😉 82E928C9-FB75-4772-BC56-1376B336A36A 🛰 Well, well, well… look who just rode in on a cha•riot of white horses, tell you what, Mme. Chevalier, i didn’t expect you to pop-up at the start of the Last Holiday Monday of the Trump administration; what a surprise, and it just so happens that today is Martin Luther Jr., Observance Day (all They–and all of the Knight), but since Serendipity put you in on today’s script please relay to the weekend regular, Mme. Storme, that a bunch of loops without a belt is no way to Hitchhike one’s way across a galaxy; if Perrine was not going to wear her belt on Sunday morning, she should have called and i could have suspended (with suspenders) her animation. Jeez-Whizz.

Previously on, The Stay Up Late version of The Piggly Wiggly in CaNaDa:

France reminds Canada that food sovereignty for the French is not Mexican sub-soil goodies to stick their filthy pied de cochon on the monopoly of violence… wait, scratch that “the monopoly of prices”.

https ://www .bloomberg .com /news /articles /2021-01-17 /couche-tard-faces-investor-grilling-after-aborted-carrefour-deal


Tell Saint Peter at The Golden Gate
That he’s gonna have to wait
ˋCus i just gotta smack James CarVile in the head 🗯 E5A60408-BD7F-4632-BC70-F0017A2E2723 🤾🏽‍♂️ Thank You for smoking… and please don’t panic on  LIVE ON THE “Hey, Hallie Jackson Show”, it’s just the Outoors Soggy Bottoms Bums… yeah, Buddy, there’s a new Shelter Dog in Town.

Mr. Laske @ Mediapart, i am almost there; approaching hypotenuse at Technicolor… Wait 2, because in WAWA Land, James CarVile is trying to sabotage the color line, it’s not as bad as dressing up like Donnie Deutsch-es-es Dental Cleaning bureau secretary (please refer to Perrine belt-less polyester pants loops) but dear doG!!!

—_~!~_— They Call It Riding the Gravy Train

48 Hours for Trump to cease being a part of Air Force ONE. “It’s 5 o’Clock… somewhere”, or as the troops in-and-around WaWa Land relay: it’s 17 hundred hours in Central Nato Times—and in Russia, well, in Russia no pasa nada. Right now it’s time for The Melvins on Dateline, so check the date because today Öüï looped through Perrine Storme’s-es belt-£€$$ loopholes to Thursday, January 14th of 2021… Nº 23717, check the date—Mate!

Of Course She Is… “that wild bitch”… [I]n all Sí-Rius_Ness, Mme. Storme, you make 1976 look swell with that no compromise Riviera-Disco shirt.

You Are Going To Like The Way You Look, period!

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