🎶 HAPPy birthThey, Mr. PrĂ©sident… in the Voice, of Marilyn Monroe (Doct.)

Goooooooooooold MORNING, Mr. Président!
Now, Sir, before Ă–ĂĽĂŻ begins the beguine, i am going to give Sammy Davis Junior a little time to really, really, Really—Really fill in, that girl from BARCELONA, CHRISTina… or was her name Mademoiselle Johansen, —Javier?

SHOW NÂş 1794, feedback from SPOT FIVE at the Stairway to the de Medici’s Agro Bolsa Building Ă  Les Halles .:. E00BA42F-39C7-478A-A67E-18E7BF46F200 đź—Ł Deer, Tiff Cross, consider this my FO’ist WRAP ALBUM Draft for the title: Undercover brother — cover of the Night.

And Bardem goes:


¡Majo! Pero como jodes con esas patatas en Bréves à la mode de Ketch-up! ¡Ya os dije que yo no me llamo Javier, coño!!!

In case you haven’t noticed Leslie Jones, it’s an “Anniversary Themed” birthThey for Mr. Macron, and we begin IN NORMANDY on “D-Day” or as THEY say in this motherfucking dimension, “the begining of the End of a War”, SO, i guess what i am saying, Avi VELSHI, is that anybody can draw a parallel with tonight’s alignement with CHRONOS, but Velshi… you better show your receipts, work, and most of all, motherfucker, your WITT!!!


Show #1791
Episode 6 / Season(ing) 46
Dave Chappelle (Monologue)

Deer, Congressman O’Donnell, there is a FESTEVUS desk sale in Nigeria, shop now ’till Epiphany arrives… sources close to La Soupe Popular say: 🎶 Wish You Were Here.

“Come get your nigger lessons”
Dave Chappelle
November 7th, 2020
Studio 8A, 30 Rockefeller* Center
New York, New York.

Musical Guest:
The President of Africa
Opening Score:
WaWa get No Enemy

 France Culture 2021
(intro to La CHAPPEllE* on SNL)
When: Winter 2020 – Summer 2021
Where: All over the Hexagone and all French territories.
Hours: depending on SigNal.

* For this course, the student must show proficiency in parallology, tangentology, and of course inter-dimensional  traveling (Without Moving). NOW, it is very important for the student to show their work, lest you run the risk of being-in Sports and accused of racism… por ejemplo, Leslie Jones, did you happen to catch our strategy to fill your “shopping cart” Ă  Paris?

OF COURSE, with Leslie Jones and her “shopping spree show”, now on the backburner, i must tell you Mr. President, that after 10 years of trying to tell a story that is now beginning to unfold (that is part of the reason that you former boss’ colleague, president Enrique Peña Nieto, is laughing on the dentils of recent snapshots in this blog) and part of that reason includes BERNARDO GĂ“MEZ’ instructions to DUNCAN BRIDGEMAN, director of “Hecho en Mexico”, to end “his fuck-you-mentary” (in true TELEVISA STYLE: para la gente jodida en MĂ©xico) with a version of EL PERRO ANDALUZ anthem, which happens to be titled “What are you aiming at, when you dream, —mexicano”.

This why, Mr. Macron, i know realize that one must be French (or something like that) to reach one goals when the aim is exposing INSTITUTIONALIZED CORRUPTION. But yes, i prefer child surfers, as opposed to child soldiers, and that is all that i am going to say, about that, before your boys in blue pick me up masturbating Ă  La Concorde.

¿A qué le tiras cuándo sueñas africano?


Later on The Last Desk, with Congressman Lawrence O’Donnell:

It’s plural because each dimension has its own Constitution and ANAtomy, and Rachel Maddow, if they thought you “Phenomenology of The Spirit”, like the French used to do —in fucking high school— then you’ll know why the Brits don’t mind showing their faces in public, i mean the teefy’s on them rosbifs, good Lorde!.

Caption: “I wanTWObe a DOCTor”.

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