Té de tila y Pinol®️, repollo y reyes — Banana Republic

Note to editors:
the following is based on a novel “made up of interlinked short stories” and the frame contains a classic community television setting and the program is called, “Of cabbages and kings”.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /sin-fronteras/2020/09/27 /los-angeles-times-pide-perdon-a-generaciones-de-migrantes-3104 .html

“De la Unión es lo mejor”

“De la Unión es lo mejor”, based on a popular Mexican song by Vicente Fernández titled: como Anchuría no hay dos .:. F6FD4272-E97D-4C49-9311-37884F29BC31

Si el norte fuera el sur

Si el norte fuera el sur, Monalisa en Radio La Nueva República, este señor sería Jorge Saldaña en El Alternativo, y ni modo que don Rubén Lenguas me vaya a sacar la Luenga por esa comparación… 🍎 https ://www .jornada .com .mx /sinfronteras /2020/09/27 /los-angeles-times-pide-perdon-a-generaciones-de-migrantes-3104 .html

… dear, WaWa girl, is Cousin Joe doing advertorials between paid advertising? Eye feels that you are over-taxing your viewers in Bruxelles.

En contexto, it’s international café they en Nueva York and mixed between the End of the American Experiment and a climate apocalypse, Donnie Deutsch fitted a coffee pusher’s advertorial, disguised as a consumer report.

Viewers in Belgium got all flamencos when they heard the “buy one and get a (insert product here) for free” plug.

Benelux viewers expressed concern at the complete disregard of the SEPARATION of News and Fluff on the part of the MorJo Brand.

The am/pm mini market 🦝

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