Intermezzo with Molly Hunter — ¶ eight of Pedro Miguel “Navegaciones”

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https ://monoaureo .com /2020/06/28 /nueva-normalidatnueva-normalidat/

 ¶ Eight en monitos reformados

¶ OCHO de don Pedro Miguel en La Jornada, pero en monitos reformados .:. 9FBDF800-E80A-46BA-BCE0-6DBE302F712B .:.

In Local News: un segundo Año de Hidalgo para la ciudad de París. Arnold Schwarzenegger just got a warm fuzzy, and that is all D.A.T. Eye is going to say.

Courtesy of CNEWS matin

Courtesy of CNEWS matin.

[A]nd just like a Florida retirement set for the Jerry Seinfeld show, the “natives” rode in their luxurious Trump-carts screaming “White Wattage”, or something like that to the Black Lives Matter crowd. Oh, the humanity.

Episode 2

Episode 2 .:. CFD21E74-6CE3-45A9-8CB8-7F83B86BB867 .:. at The Hard Rock Café for French existentialists, or something like that ♒️ MEOW.

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