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To celebrate Mexico’s new rotation at the United Nation’s Security Council, Mme. Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz, wife of a U.N. dignitary and author of The Complete Book of Mexican Enchiladas… or something like that, will be hosting a feast at the residence of Mme. De La Fuente, wife of his Excellency Juan Ramón de La Fuente, Mexico’s representative at the U.N.. La velada gastronómica servirá de jalón para hacerle un amarre a los expertos mexicanos que surcarán a los edificios de La Organización Mundial de Salud para explicarle al mundo cómo se llega a 50 mil decesos por contagio de COVID–19.

Estado de Queda en veremos

Estado de Queda en veremos .:. 88553724-9445-4398-B04E-428D94BDACFB 🗣

Anyhow, Purple Pundit… “Have ya’Eva”: you know what, fuck Oklahoma, fuck’em… and please, don’t shoot at the black mirror!

Now to not give character space to Donald Trump’s “shinny Bolton” öüï send a shuot–out (a tiny one) to Mme. Figaro… you are welcome, bitches! Check it out Stephanie Ruhle, let Mí, show you what an Egyptian vase with your name on it looks like, but FOist! Eye has 66cl of beer to finish, see you around the Beat, scratch that Seth Meyer’, in Hilo, Hawaii, La prima Vera aún tiene unos minutos de vida, y pues como dijo Monsivais, doña Sykes:

Fair use of George Clooney.

… [I]f Eye is watching the series on Ulysses S. Grant on The History Channel, o mismo, doña Sykes, recetándome en pedacitos la serie de Dickens en el Canal 22, Eye goes back and reads Dickens on account that none should become prejudice and never in any case watch the movie [or series] without first reading Heller’s Catch when it comes to truly important books.



—. The complete book of Mexican cooking: https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/06/18 /politica /009n2pol

—. La prima Vera (2020) has left the theater:

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