Intermission part tú • The metal bookshelf

Note to editors… don’t you [forget] about how the Julian calendar 2020 was taken over by the Chinese Year of the (white*) rat and that the signals required to frame this most non–consequential blog arrive from a place, —called The Twilight Zone. 

Hello? Can you hear mí.

With all due respect

With all due respect to violin players.


A flamboyant hippie on stage. Most people didn’t get it. Just a guy innovating with one of them Les Paul devil axes and a cello’s bow. Little did the late night tv audience know, or fail to assimilate that what Page was doing on D.A.T. D.A.R.E. stage was no different to any Judeo-Christian rite, what varied was the polytheistic deities that THE BOW was directed to. 

Prereq for LZ (iv)

The other “L” Word.

No surprises D.A.R.E., every tele evangelist from Cousin Joe’s backyard (in Alabama) to Chuck Todd’s corridor (in Florida) knew that resting a Lazarus tome on a metal bookshelf was asking for trouble, and true to the myth, sure–as–shit, auditions for the NBC After-School Special remake of the “The Omen” manifested on Seth Meyer’s interview with “the spirit” of Sarah Palin. In the 2020 version of The Omen, Sarah Palin plays the ambassador (Thorn) and her kid, Damiana, is the new “Antichrist”. 


An unsuspecting U.S. Ambassador summons “the“ Evil One when she unknowingly responds to an interview request by Lorde Lorne Loyalist, and (bad as in not good) French comedian Gad Elmaleh impersonator, Seth Meyer’s. A prophecy was  fulfilled when a Plymouth Rock descendant casted a spell to make of the Nation’s Cradle (Philadelphia) the Wild Wild West and where the SUN also SETS.

On the Tangents:

It would take Led Zeppelin III (the acoustic album) to get Fred Armisen to tease the Late Night crowd with a single funkypæded cowbell strike. To put it in a Brian Williams zinger, Fred is quite the Cow Bell teaser, and an excellent Night Hawks deconstructor…

Fair Bargains

FAIR Bargains .::. 0BB54357-E27A-4A3E-A97D-211DD8A848C0 🏄🏽‍♂️ Deliverance available.

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