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Based on a true story.
What’s wrong with this picture? A show that asks the contestants to find the odd, the missing, the quircky and, “The Thing That Should not be” in each slide.

What's wrong with this picture?

What’s wrong with this picture? .::. 5870AD23-A3D8-4C43-8FDA-319FDEB1F73A 🥋 Mondays at 22h CET – 16h EST

Musical Guest: MGMT; 1st Act: KIDS

[The setting, Joe and Mrs. Brzezinski  are sitting front row at the Chris Chrispy’s July 2014 Auction Day in London; the auctioneer is heard peddling 10,600 ventilators and other assorted medical supplies. On the flat screen high definition monitors at both ends of the patio, the slide in turn displays the instructions for sending absentee bids along with the code for each the gerrymandered district and the international reference number: BUBU 1536.]

The scene cuts from the slide presentation into a back–and–forth between an Asian bidder and the auctioneer; from the same frame the action zooms to the back of Cousin Joe’s head and the next shot features Cousin Joe ‘going on; and on, and on, and on, about item *277. Lost on him, (Cousin Joe) but not on Mrs. Brzezinski, were the auctioneer’s sneers which were clearly directed at the Asian bidder, who stands her motherfucking ground.

In Local News:

Jayne says

Jayne says .::. D773D5AD-92FB-40D6-9F61-A14C72CFA484  😷 It was during the peak of the Boobonic plague when proper support of what the French call “the poitrine” was essential. In the picture, an Italian survivor of the epidemic in Italy, reacts to a Cajun reveler at a Hollywoodland awards celebration.

Monday, May 11th, 2020_ Parisians began to re-populate the streets, at large public gathering places new signs instruct the public that face masks are mandatory. Over at La Maub, doña Vilma Fuentes and many French rock and rollers asked Roma, “if it is really necessary to repeat at every instant, on the radio and on the television how to wash one’s hands… yada, yada, yada and, how to learn to behave for fear of being reprimanded and punished as if, ‘we had not reached the age of reason ’”, Fuentes, apparently a strong supporter of both hydroxicloroquine and of the French doctor at the tip of that spear, Dr. Dider Raoult, issued what can only be described as a back handed complement to the professors at The College de France and the cadre of ministers from The most beautiful address in the World (at Elysian Fields), Fuentes went on–and–on, about what appears to be a soft cross-bread between Dame Sybil of SARK‘s style of feudalism, and French President Emmanuel Macron’s  paternalism.

Item *277 Paul McCarthy (1945) Untitled £ 25,000–35,000

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