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… and Tina Turner went:

May 3,

Aussi, on a day like Today in Hilo, Hawaii (Chris Hayes) The Anne Frank House museum opens in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Anne Frank, the epitome of all house arrests (think about it before you complain about not being able to go to the beach, or the mall, or… to church) was a real victim of just a few in control, Mr. DAVID ICKE. I, Armando Segovia mention this little nugget because i did happen to catch your interview on “the” LondonTV show. Sadly, sir, your proposition that the “Stay–in–Place” orders apply to Godwin’s Law is a bit off; just like the lady in the Great State of Illinois who thought of protesting about the COVID–19 Stay-at-Home orders with the same nazi slogan placed on the gate of the Dachau and Auschwitz “happy camps”. At any rate, Mr. Icke, it’s a damn shame that your presentation of SATURN IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS, or something like that was taken down from the interwebs, i, armando segovia really, really liked that one, i personally find it more entertaining than all of your other LIZARD PEOPLE sketches. Now, Mr. Icke, because Eye Knows that you won’t read this most non–consequential blog, Eye is only going to say this ONCE: STOP INCITING impresionable white supremacists with your dangerous points of view. And sir, you are looking at IT! Wrong, it is not about YOU (or your followers) catching the COVID-19 virus, but rather, Sir, about all you motherfuckers spreading the disease.


Six Minutes… Six Minutes… Six Minutes, and then add at least TWO More, but only if your hands are like D.A.T. D.A.R.E “Old Dirty Bastard”, —nails. If youse a regular “Chuck”, then Twenty Seconds should do the trick.

Get On Your Good Foot .::.

Get On Your Good Foot .::. CA95CDAD-5FCB-44D1-BB6F-7FE25314ACA9 🗣 https ://youtube .com /watch? v=tdjr1sFvXZw

In Ohio news, please be advised D.A.T. the idiots in the so-called “Make america great again” are in no way represented by the ADJECTIVE “that”, the PRONOUN “that”, the DEMONSTRATIVE “that”; and AS It! Will INDICATE, D.A.T. is definitively NOT a RELATIVE of ÇA!

And, PLEASE, please, please,— PLEASE! Don’t you D.A.R.E. bunch the ADVERB “there” with Donald John Trump, and furthermore, A.M. Joy, if that is your real time-slot on “the new Republican Brady Bunch”, ON D.A.T. Issue, the ADVERB “there” will join LÀ (con acento, —of course) in EL LAY, for some Mexican RICE—VOILÀ!


In the BOOK Review section of this most non–Consequential blog, we [the staff] are happy to relay to our non–reading audience at the Associated Press, D.A.T., “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag”, INDEED, Ladies in Gemini, former U.S. National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, has awarded u.s. the task of TRANSLITERATING to Castellano her Book, “Pandemics for dummies”. Ms. Rice requested that we [the staff] make it easy to read for the Andrés Manuel López Obrador cabinet officials (y para doña Tati Clouthier, también) so we [the staff] went ahead and started with the TITLE: PANDEMÍAS PARA PENDEJOS


Over in New Jersey, “Knuckleheads” be warned! Former Philadelphia mayor illegitimate son, Joshua Johnson and a masked (and dressed to kill) catholic choir go-go girl Linsey Riser are ready to fight. and with D.A.T., Rev. Sharpton öüï’s gonna call it the night; the staff promises to insert the “visuals” for the test as the night develops. Anygüey Rev., it’s James Brown’s birthday and happening right now on this side of the S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M., Rick James is opening up the Celebration with a mashup of “Get On The Good Foot“ and “Super Freak… to the Bone”.

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