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A Brief history of The United States Navy in the voice of Captain Jack Sparrow’s dad… [B]ut FOist, Queen Elizabeth the First gave her “We’ll meet again” address to the Brexit crowd [in a Monty Phyton voice] while Boris the lover of Greeks is admitted into the hospital and taken out of N° 10 street.

Attention Series Soundtrack Coordinators

Attention Streaming Series Soundtrack Coordinators .::. 49504EF5-654E-420D-A4EA-96D1EBE1C0C0 🎙The following is a mashup of La Prima Vera [Lynn] “We’ll meet Again” and Gene Kelly’s  “Singing in the rain”, as performed by An American [railroaded by The Paris Préfecture de Police in 2015 and 2017] in Paris, indeed, —we’ll meet again.

In Premier League solidarity news, it’s good to know that the “oldest profession in the world”, next to PIRACY, of course is being taken care of; it’s no wonder D.A.T. the tax relief of Mutt Island is paying up to 80% of the Premiere League and other Industries employee salaries, while the owners of them industries and SPORTS organizations get to go to Nice, France and/or Southeastern Asia and spend the COVID-19 pandemic on a mega super rich yatch and/or mansion. 

Do as Trump says and not like I do: https ://edition .cnn .com /2020/04/06 /sport /kyle-walker-coronavirus-party-apology

[What’s D.A.T., AP News guy?… what’s that that you are pointing to? Latin America and Africa?… Jonathan, Lemire is coming in Broken on top of El WaPo]… TimeStamp is 13h25 in Central NATO Times.

All Purpose AP Knew News

… [Y]ou know Bob, it’s a good thing that the Préfecture de Police à Paris does not keep “tabs” on u.s., otherwise the motherfucker assigned to that post would send in the Working Poles to shut-u.s. out of the Squat D.A.T. we are occupying right now, which it is SAD, because when it suited La Ville de Paris (under certain circumstances that favored the POLITICAL RHETORIC of the Mexican Embassy and the Government of François Hollande) the council awarded PRIMO real estate to snitches of the Enrique Peña Nieto artists syndicate… [A]nd, motherfuckers, ustedes saben muy bien quienes son por El Día y por La Noche. COME FINISH THE JOB, all we [the staff] is asking is that you don’t strike when we are sleeping, después de todo no somos “tiburones” como ustedes, sus mercedes.

Mezquino como un chileno de Pinochet

El presidente que es un mezquino, como un chileno de Pinochet .::. ECB6BC53-F4F7-4F9D-A27E-1092C02698C7 ⏳ In context, Richard Haass, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, and student who always raised his hand and sat at the front row seats of Dr. Zbigniew Brzeziński’s classroom gets a sticky-star for his kitchen refrigerator because as the very French say, the man with an avocado name “is not silly”, and Cousin Joe, here’s why: you —motherfucker— might remember how just a few Super Bowls ago the demand of Doritos®️ most popular dip strained the supply-and-demand dynamics of that particular fruit; ISSY, motherfuckers, los aguacates son frutas y no vegetales, anyhow, Willie Geist, D.A.T. D.A.R.E. observation brought forward by Dickey Haass on Morning Joe is almost right ON–SPOT, and Eye says that It Is Almost right on SPOT because Mr. HAASS forgot to include the most important factor about the COVID–19 in that there “Latin América”, con acento of course, in any case, BOB (you sexy motherfucker) meet me on the next entry of this most non–consequential blog and, motherfucker’ don’t forget your huevos on that there avocado snack for the 11th Hour.

https ://www .cfr .org /expert /richard-n-haass

… “Don’t stop Mí now”.

“por tu salud”

“Por tu salud“ .::. 364DA509-814B-4819-98D5-312657C5BBC9 🥑 Nada como un aguacate, acompañado por huevos por la mañana; it’s the breakfast of Champions. — Club Jazz —sin fip   SIN FIN!

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