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📷 Ladies in Gemini, from the same Gen ex’Ser’s that  who « Brought You Wood“, and from “Les Producteurs” who TriAnglulated Vilma Fuentes “Libertad de tragar”, en el Teatro de los Bofos del Norte; “The Nazis à Montmartre y también en Cheesy-Chessy sur Marne”, at the Disneyland~Paris Frontière Land Destiny mega guignol stage,

Chacun son processus

Chacun son processus, y cada cual su Gestión .:. 42AC20AD-393F-46A1-BD2B-7D4779635D3A “What more can Eye, say? », HEAR YE! HEAR YE! The return of Kasie to the peacock streams and, the shameful cock-gobbling of Congressman Dan Crenshaw’s penis by former Floribama Senator and, current co–host of the Morning Mika show, Charly Joey Scarborough, forced u.s. [the staff] to suspend the Hoboken ZEPPhyrs vS. The Metropolitan Stewarts game series, and split the banana into two separate buckets of content; one being this entry for today Saturday 18 of January, 2020, and this other post already in–progress and published on 01/13/2020. 🎙 Today’s post is the daily dose of content that we, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano PRIETO chunk-out every day, just for the motherfucking record and in case WE need to attach it to “the” mémoire, at a future Trial of u.s. against the Civil Court in Paris (Tribunal Administrative, or something like that), while the other entry, D.A.T. one is a WEEK LONG Special Edition covering the return of Kasie DC after she gave birth to The God of Gwar y’all: MARS; ISSY, ya lo sabemos doña Vilma, está Marciano el asunto.

comes the story of Antebellum [in French, —of course] directed by Radio Farce, a subsidiary of Air Farce and of course, the trusted name in French style “OhMyGod, Becky” news: BFM’er TV 📸.

Alice's daughter

MUSICAL GUEST: Alice’s daughter cultural ChaiNZ.

PLAY Dixie for~the~ME part, in NATO Times


Las fuentes de doña Vilma and a MASON’s Jar:

In RER News

In RER news:
Good news for Line A and B .:. 91094966-66A5-4068-A544-6134C3D66364 🚈 La Défense de Chessy–Sur–Marne… in local news, Eddy Currents will be at a normal peak now that the RATP’s have sorted out a truce in the public transportation Network strike; over at Disneyland–Paris Studios, Nicholas Cage hides in Plain Sight.

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