Inter•mission — Ay, Caramba[r]

“Always look on the Bright Side of Life”


Baby you can ride my Car with Amber, just don’t chew on my French Tootsie-Rolls, Caramba!!! Get your own.

Dear, Suzi, the following must be played in LA Maj., y por supuesto en una encrucijada de Spanglish, Franglish o, cómo dicen los fiscales de la tremenda corte, —!Lo Que Resulte!… LOL/MDR/jaja


El Colmo de

Quel est le comble pour deux gitanes? .:. F9DD7B78-EBC4-480A-BC69-7346DFAC58E4 😽 Here’s a clue for the capillary challenged, the answer to this riddle was “Dealt” by « Futuro Pelo » earlier today when Susana “P” la tocó at 15h24 in Central Siren Thymes, güey before those damn “Rutles” landed on the FIP Sullivan Show… ¿Se dan? GÜELLLLLL here’s another CLUE for you ALL: el colmo de dos gitanos es el mismo que el colmo deDOS panaderos de la boulangerie de La Rue… de la rue… de la rue de GATO (get it? Rue de Gateau), any way, if you fuckers can’t guess what is the Last Straw between 2 Gypsies, you motherfuckers can find the answer Down Under, at the bottom of this blog entry.

But, FOist, öüï must explain to the Ociosos (not to be confused with Les Oiseaux*) on the other side of The Atlantic what a “confounded” CARAMBA(R) is. Are you ready Suzi? Or will you continue to be on Strike against u.s. and refrain your eyes from reading this most non-consequential blague! It’s 🆗 👁 understands;

That is you can’t, you know, tune in
pero tampoco hay borlo*
That is, se me hace, que no está tan mal…

* Borlo, short for “borlote”, in frogspeak it transliterates to “faire de cinema”, o algo así. De cualquier manera, Gabo tenía razón en la contraesquina de Zacatecas, “a la chingada con la ortografía“, or something like that.


On tonight's menu
at la Mairie du 1er,
en contraesquina con Le Fumoir:
—Filete de pescado con mostaza
—Ensalada de repollo
—Donas de chocolate
—Galleta bretona
-yogur, frutas
And to the beautiful couple
across the street:
Happy Anniversary.
https ://www .fundeu .es /tema / contraesquina/

Any güey, to piggy-back on a recent post featured on this most non–consequential blog about how the Macron government is going to partner up with La S.E.P. in AMLO’s Mexico; 2019/12/22/fuck-you-tim-apple, and to kiss two birds with one stroke of the of the hand —you may call it masturbation—we [the staff] now return to the deconstruction of the French version of “kiddie-CRACK”: Carambar®️… “Coma frutas y verduras“.

It looks and feels like a Tootsie-Roll

It looks and feels like a Tootsie-Roll®️, but the similarities stop on the chocolate flavored treat, the rest of the flavors are a funky mix of badly designed  presentations for a gooey sugar-high. The chocolate flavor appears to be the only bar that is not loaded with syrup of different flavors, and like the rest of the candy rolls it’s wrapped on a waxed paper which have French “dad jokes” [printed] on the inside, hence, our most non-consequential riddle about the last straw, or the “height” of what-the-fuckness between two Gypsies… now, if you haven’t solved that riddle by now, you need to listen to Gee Dubya’s “fool me once speech” or wait to the end of this entry to see the answer. Right now we are reviewing the French doppelgänger of a Tootsie-Roll, and if you happen to let those fuckers sit for a while, we reckon one month, the Carambar turns into a Jolly Rancher; if you are in need of pulling a bad tooth and can’t afford a dentist, just stick an old Carambar on the “problem”, apply pressure y cómo dicen los franceses, “a la chingada” con ese diente, heck, ÖÜÏ reckon that one of them old Carambars can pull an ol’Root out. If {and only if} Eye was a dentist, Eye would lobby to outlaw the French kiddie–CRACK that passes for “candy”, not because of all of the potential customer loss… wait, scratch D.A.T., not because of all of the potential PATIENT loss, —nope— but rather, because of how the designers of that candy bar left both ends of the stick open, and can you guess what it is that it happens to the aforementioned_syrup ? That’s right dear non–reader, the ends of each individual bar, [SECRETE] except for the chocolate flavored Carambars (which are not loaded with syrup) and don’t secrete on the wrapper, like the other bars do, and thus, making the “dad jokes” on the inside of the wrapper useless because of the syrup on both ends. Which brings u.s. back to our previous review of toilettes, and about the “best germs” in the whole wide world.

… but FOist, what is the downer between two Gypsies?

Es decir_

This means, Suzi “P”, que tampoco se pueden “tomar” el pelo entre ellos .:. 6658CC6B-AC49-41A3-BA70-4A8440C5927D

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