It’s Weekend Edition and, Cousin Joe, does anybody remember Katty Kay?

Tomorrow Never Gknows

Tomorrow [Day 1052 of King Trump, and his Queen Mattress Wife] Never Gknows.:. But Today, “Right Gknow” the 45th President of the United States will be the THIRD executive to be turned into a PEACH. Eat D.A.T. ❄️ [flake].

Release the Kay, Joe… RE•LEA_se the Big Big Kat “Today”… you have until High Noon in Central NATO Thyme.

“Don’t mess with Mí on This,” Cousin Joe.

What can Brown do for you

“What can Brown do for you”… paint your house, of course •_!!_• Öüï DO our own Carpentry work, also.

[B]ut FOist, The Lawrence O’Donnell is such a Fag Show, with your host, Ari Velshi.

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